Birchbox July 2019 Review – Born Unicorn

Born Unicorn Birchbox July2019

Good Evening Bubbala’s,

We are almost half way through the week… 3 days left until the weekend 🙂 YAY

I got my July Birchbox today in a much more timely fashion than last month.

I find Birchbox great value for money and its really nice to get sample sizes sometimes instead of clogging up your beauty draw with products you might not get along with or just simply never use.

Birchbox is also great if you travel a lot. I travel quite a bit for work either for dinners or overnight stays, and having a small emergency make up bag or a travel bag is really handy especially if you’re like me and prefer to travel light.

This month was quite an eclectic mix of make-up / hair products and a little lifestyle. So I will drive straight in!

My Everyday Floss Eyeshadow – Shade Tokyo

1.) Floss. My Everyday Eyeshadow – Shade Tokyo

This is the only full size product we see in the Born Unicorn Edition. You could choose one of two shades – Tokyo or Champagne. Birchbox tends to give you a choice every month of which shade or colour of product you will get in your next Birchbox.

Personally I never opt in to choose anything, the point of Beauty Box Subscriptions for me, is to try new products I wouldn’t necessarily pick up in the shop.

The eyeshadow is highly pigmented and very reflective. It applies evenly and nicely, one of the few products I have experienced which applies very easily with your fingers. It gives a very natural and pretty finish – I think this is due to it being finally milled.

I am unsure of whether my product arrived broken or its supposed to be a mineral based pigment pot… If anyone has experience of this brand can you let me know in the comments below?

Probably the best thing about this product is that it is cruelty free and therefore guilt free.

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Moisturiser

2.) Palmer’s Coconut Oil 24 Hour Moisturiser

I’m going to make an assumption that most people are familiar with this brand as it is the number 1 cocoa butter brand in the world and won’t bang on about it too much.

Love Palmer’s products, excellent moisturiser …

I am not overly sure how I feel about getting it in a Birchbox, I like Beauty Boxes because it introduces me to products that aren’t mainstream or established. I like getting products that I have never heard any noise about or are a bit of a luxury item that I wouldn’t normally pick up because of a price tag and I am not sure if it is worth it.

Obviously I will happily use the moisturiser in any case.

Percy & Reed of London Frizz Fixer

3.) Percy & Reed of London Frizz Fixer

Now this is what I am talking about! A Frizz Fixer / Hair Spray that retails at ÂŁ15.00 – Not something I can justify on a regular basis!

I swagged another Percy & Reed product in a Marks & Spencers Beauty Box last year and was really happy with it. That was a shine spray and worked an absolute treat.

I don’t really struggle to much with frizzy hair, but I do get a lot of flyaway hair and it never sits well tied up.

Literally instantly fixed! Just spray your hairbrush and glide through. Its not sticky nor does it stiffen the hair. It also smells nice too. I suppose when the creators are two of London’s best hairdressers you really can expect the best!

This Works – Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

4.) This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

Another winner in my book!

The Beauty Box idea works again in regards to products I would never pick up in the shop due to price tag. I have received one of these in a Birchbox before but due to the full price value of the product – ÂŁ18.00 and the quality, I don’t actually mind getting it again.

The spray basically does what it says on the tin, you spray it on your pillow and it helps you fall asleep and get a better nights sleep.

I am in love.

The spray is a combination of essential oils such as lavender, chamomile and patchouli. It has been clinically proven that it can help you fall asleep quicker as well as smelling gorgeous.

In one study, 89% of people fell asleep faster using this product and for once I am happy to be in the majority. I always pop this in my suitcase when I am staying overnight in a new place to help ease my nerves. – This is one of the few products I will use my Birchbox VIP 15% discount getting the fullsize product.

Marcelle Mascara

5.) Marcelle Xtension Plus Mascara

Marcelle is an award winning brand that is exclusive to Birchbox, which is great as it means whatever they put in the Birchbox I haven’t tried before.

I feel like every other month I get a mascara from Birchbox to try 🙂

I am still yet to find the perfect mascara… I am unsure if it exists or not.

The brush on this product is amazing, its very fine and curved which makes application a dream. It can coat every individual lash without clumping which for me is quite a feat.. I have not been blessed with luscious lashes… I swear fish have better eyelashes than me.

My only issue is that it does rub off a little though out the day. I have hooded eyes so often I get mascara on my lids which really does ruin a look. However it does take considerably longer to rub off.

As a general rule any Marcelle product I have ever had is pretty incredible.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

The July Birchbox is quite a pleasant surprise. It has met my expectation as whole for introducing me to new products that I would never pick up in the shop either because of price tag or its just not available in store and I wouldn’t have heard of it without Birchbox.

Once you have been with Birchbox for 6 months you get 15% discount on full size products. The only thing I don’t get excited about with Birchbox is the amount of Mascara’s you get in your boxes… However if you are a mascara lover it is great!

If you would like to see product applications or swatches etc please let me know in the comments below 🙂 Or if any of you lovely bunch know of an amazing Beauty Box or one you would like to know more about please let me know.

Until next time Bubbala’s ❤

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  1. I love the design of this months box…so cute. The Marcelle Mascara is ok, I do agree that it transfers quite easily. I loveeeeee the smell of the sleep spray. I still buy it for my kids and my husband and I. Works wonders.


    1. I know! I am always happy for anything that pays homage to a Unicorn! I’m glad I am not the only one who seems to have a never ending battle with finding a mascara that doesn’t transfer! Do you have any recommendations? Sleep spray is a dream ❤ Hope you're having a beautiful day 🙂


      1. Same here! My daughter is obsessed with unicorns which I’m so happy about. Haha. I currently use the better than sex mascara by Too Faced and it’s working well. Another one I love is They’re Real by Benefit. Drugstore wise, I love the rocket volume (blue packaging) by Maybelline and Loreal Telescopic


  2. Sorry there, something went wrong (I think) – please excuse me if you now receive two emails from me, but I wasn’t sure if my first try actually went through. If not, then hopefully this one does and I’d love to follow up again then!


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